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The first content-sharing service that lets you keep 100% of what you earn
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About Us

With the legal system, the banking industry, and the technology companies becoming less and less adult-friendly every day, it's time to get creative.

VaporKiss cuts the credit card processor completely out of the process of selling your own content. When fans buy your stuff, they pay you directly via PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet, CashApp, Circle Pay, etc. with VaporKiss playing no role whatsoever in the payment. This allows you to keep 100% of what you get paid rather than letting a processor take 20% - 25% off the top, or worse, letting a clip site take 40-50%.

  • Super slick admin area for you to upload your content to the cloud
  • Multiple direct-payment methods offered to buyers
  • Beautiful shopping experience for your fans at
  • Accept and manage custom requests in one place
  • Accept and book Skype Shows
  • Accept tributes from fans
  • Sell panties, socks, and other physical products
  • Did we mention you keep 100%?
  • If you sell on any other platform, you're losing money

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